1. Stock appearing American factory cars on 1/2 ton 2 wd truck only 102" minimum wheel base. NO JEEPS OR STATION WAGONS.

2. Rubber nose O.K. for type or car running. If no after market nose is available may run alternate nose if approved by track.

3. Must run complete enclosed cockpit. No open holes through firewall to driver's compartment allowed. Must have full floor pan with hump form door to door. Must have full front & rear fire wall. Does not have to be in stock position.

4. Spoilers-maximum height 6" May run side spoilers 6" Height by 12" long. May have one 4" spoiler inside car.

5. Weight-Engine #1 3100 lbs. After race with driver. Engine #2 2900 lbs. After race with driver.

6. No exposed bars.

7. Body must sit on frame in O. E. M. position.

8. After market bodies (Five star, Performance Bodies, Etc..) allowed. Must be approved by track. Body must be manufactured as chassis (Chevy on Chevy, Ford on Ford, Etc..)

9. All bodies must have original body lines.


2. Front spring spacers O.K. No front screw jacks are allowed that can be adjusted during the race. Rear Springs-jack bolts O.K.

3. Springs may be changed.

4. A-Frames, Upper may be tubular steel or modified O. E. M. Lower control arm must be O. E. M. for frame used, must remain unaltered in stock position. Stock type replacement ball joints only. Must be O. E. M. rear trailing arms. May be reinforced, & used monoball lower arms cannot be adjustable & must be stock length.

5. Shock-Any steel body stock appearing. Front shock must remain unaltered in stock position. Rear shock can be moved. Heim joints on shock O.K., No shocks that can be re-valve or adjusted. NO QA-1 shocks allowed.

6. Engine setback-#1 spark plug even with center of top ball joint.

7. Framework may be reinforced. Unit-body cars (frames) must have stock floor pan and must be in stock location. Tubing may run from front-most rear spring mounting points (at intersection of frame and rear portion of the unit-boy) to the first turn-up of the front frame rail only. Mounting points for front frame rails must remain bolted in position. Frame may be X braced. Rusted out portions of floor pan may be patched. All suspension points must be in stock location (shock mounting points may be reinforced).

8. Front and rear wrecker pick-ups are MANDATORY.

ENGINE #1 -Built
1. Engine must be the same make as car, may be balanced.

2. Cubic inch-chevy-365 max.-cubic inch NO TOLERANCE, Ford 365 max.-cubic inch NO TOLERANCE, Chrysler-374 max.-cubic inch NO TOLERANCE, NO VACUUM PUMPS, may vent to header.

3. Block-cast iron O. E. M., maximum over boro .060 (.005 tolerance for wear) No after market or Bow Ties. Studs and strapping caps is OK Steel caps OK.

4. Crankshaft-stock stroke for engine size, cast iron or steel. May balance, NO KNIFE EDGING 50 pounds minimum weight for steel crank, 48 pounds minimum weight for cast iron. No polishing or lightening. May cross drill oil holes, chamfer oil holes,  large radius allowed on bearing journals.

5. Rods-any steel rod. May be reworked, can float pins.

6. Pistons-any flat top.

7. Intake- box stock Edelbrock 5001.

8. Heads-cast iron O. E. M. Straight plug only, double hump O.K. No Bow Tie, Vortec, or after market (.250) 1/4" blend from the top of the valve seat, may have comp. Valve job, with bowl cut. Bowl cut must be concentric and inline with valve guide.
VALVES-Steel, No Titanium-Chevy-intake=1.949 exhaust=1.509 all others stock from make. Screw in studs, poly-lock, guide plates, stud girdles-OK. Any steel retainer and valve springs, may run double valve springs. Roller rocker arms OK. No shaft rockers.

9. Camshafts .500 max. lift checked at valve. Hydraulic will be checked with solid lifter and .000 lash. Solid will be checked with .025 lash period. Lifters any stock diameter, may plug or install vent pipes or screens in lifter galley. May run Lifter valley pan. Flat tappet cams only. GM to GM, Ford to Ford.

10. Oil pan ANY.

11. Exhaust System Any standard 4 into 1 collector 1 3/4" diameter pipe header with maximum 12" long pipe after the collector. No coatings allowed. No try's NO "X" or merge types pipes allowed.

12. Balancer- ANY

13. Carburetor may run stock, may remove choke flap. Chevy Quadra jet Ford motor craft (single line only) No spacer allowed. Or Box stock 650 Holley #4777. May remove choke flap only, no other modifications allowed (May change jets, power valve). No four corner idle screws. 1" max. thickness open spacer. Box stock 650 is subject to claim rules.

1. GMC crate motor only part #88958602. All engines are sealed and must remain factory sealed and un-altered in any way.

2. Carburetor- Any 750 CFM carb or smaller. Maximum 1 11/16 (1.6875) base plate. No exceptions. (Measured with a go- no go system.) Billet base plates may be used (.780 Maximum) 1 inch carb spacer, 0 tolerance. Spacer may not protrude into carb or intake at any point. One gasket per surface, .70 maximum. No fuel injection, nitrous Oxide, or other type systems allowed.
3. May run MSD Type 6 box with 1 rev limiter plug/chip. Must be 6400 RPM maximum. Subject to check with OHM meter. 604 may run HEI distributor, but must run MSD part number 83645 Digital HEI module set to max 6400 RPM.

1. Fuel Track fuel TURBO BLUE ONLY Must pass track test.

2. Fuel pump stock type, mechanical only.


1. Stock appearing distributor with stock appearing module.

2. Any plug and any plug wires.

3. Coil ANY (No MSD) No amplifier ignitions allowed.

4. Brass distributor gear OK.

1. Clutch single disc, stock type clutch only. Must have solid lining only.

2. Pressure plate Stock type, steel only.

3. Flywheel plate only, 14 lbs. Minimum weight.

4. Scatter shield or 3/16" plate around flywheel area MANDATORY.

5. Transmission stock type with working reverse. Automatics must have stock OEM working converter. NO POWER GLIDES.

6. Drive shaft steel only.1 1/2" minimum diameter.

7. Rear end stock factory or 9" Ford. Any ration OK. Posy-traction or locked ok. Posi-traction or locked OK. Floater OK. 9" Ford mounting points must be stock type with no adjustability.

1. Stock type-4 wheel disc OK no after market, no aluminum. Must have operational 4 wheel braking system.

2. Racing pedals ok Adjusters OK

1. 8" Tread width racing tires. American Racer or Hoosier 265-15 only.

2. 8" Maximum width steel wheels. Large wheel studs OK. Bead locks OK.

1. Full face helmets, complete fire suits with gloves are MANDATORY.

2. Roll cages are MANDATORY and must have minimum of three (3) bars in drivers door. No aluminum or titanium cages permitted.

3. Window nets are MANDATORY.


5. Seat belts five (5) point system are MANDATORY.

6. Wind shield screens are MANDATORY.

7. Fire Extinguishers with gauge, are to be mounted in quick release harness in reach of driver is MANDATORY.

8. Scatter shields are MANDATORY.

9. Batter must be mounted outside of divers compartment or in enclosed bolted box.

10. Fuel lines must be under car or in tubing.