1. Stock appearing cars and trucks only. Two (2) wheel drive only, must run front engine and rear wheel drive.

2. Body must be stock appearing. Body must have Original body lines. Aluminum OK.

3. Stock appearing rubber nose and rear bumper cover OK.

4.Must run complete enclosed cockpit. Front and rear firewall and floor pan in OEM position. Rear firewall may start at base of seat.

5. Rear spoiler's - 6" x width of truck. Side spoiler's 6" x 12" length. NO TOLERANCE! May have one 4" spoiler inside car.

6. Weight one (1) lb. per CC after race with driver 2000 lb. minimum. (CHEVY get 200 lb weight break). Displacement must be posted on both sides of hood in cc's.

7. No exposed bars.

8. Body must sit on frame in OEM position.

9. No cold air boxes to air cleaner, may cut hole in hood for air cleaner with max. 2 1/2" tall scoop or air deflector. Scoop may be no more than 4" wider than air cleaner.

1. Steering stock type ONLY.

2. Front spring spacers OK. No front screw jacks are allowed that can be adjusted or changed during the race.

3. Lowering blocks OK Caster/Camber plates OK.

4. Springs can be changed.

5. A frames upper and lower control arms must be OEM frame used. Upper may be modified, lower must remain unaltered in stock position, no adjustable trailing arms.

6. Shocks - stock appearing in stock position. Rear shocks can be relocated. May run Hiem joints on rear shocks.

7. Engine setback - OEM position ONLY.

8. Framework may be reinforced. May tie roll cage together.

9. Front and rear wrecker pickup made from chain are MANDATORY.


1. Engine must be same make as car. NO ROTARIES. Water - cooled only.

2. Block - stock OEM with .080 maximum overbore 4 cylinders only.

3. Crankshaft - stock only NO AFTER MARKET. May be lightened and balanced, stock stroke ONLY.

4. Rods any steel, NO TITANIUM, may be reworked.

5. Pistons - flat top 3+C-267/20r-125 DOME.

6. Intake stock factory, OEM for engine running, no porting work, may bore straight to clear carb. May run a 1" spacer.

7. Head - OEM only, any competition valve job, any angle depth not to exceed stock valve guide. May have a .750 hand blend from top of valve seat into bowl, no other port work. May have double valve springs.
Valves - Must be stock diameter, may have carbon break.

8. Camshaft - .450 max. Lift. Adjustable cam gear OK. Lift will be checked with .000 lash for HYD. Cams and with .025 lash for solid lifters, at the valve. Can run solid lifter.

9. Oil pan - ANY wet sump

10. Exhaust system - ANY

11. Balancer - ANY

12. Solid engine mounts OK.

1. Track fuel TURBO BLUE ONLY must have pass test.

2. Carburetor - Stock, or Holley #7448-500 cfm or #0-80583-350 cfm or #4412-500 cfm. or #0-80582-500 cfm. May remove choke damper & plug holes. 500 CFM MUST RUN RESTRICTOR.

3. Restrictor plate & spacer must have restrictor plate with (2) 1.437 holes, no radius or blending of plate, max. thickness .260. Spacer may run 2" max. thick spacer. Restrictor plate must be under spacer. May run only one gasket between each of the above, no radius gasket. At this time Chevy's are exempt from the restrictor plate.

4. Fuel pump - Electric OK.

5. Fuel cell - MANDATORY - Must be in can.

1. Distributor - Stock type.

2. Plugs & wires - ANY

3. Coil - Stock type

4. Brass Distributor gear OK


1. Clutch - single disk, stock type only must have soild line.

2. Pressure plate - Stock types only, steel only

3. Flywheel - stock type steel, 16 lbs. min. weight. Scalloping OK

4. Scatter shield or 3/1 plating around flywheel area - MANDATORY.

5. Transmission - stock type, with working reverse - NO AUTOMATICS

6. Drive shaft - Steel only. 1 1/2" minimum diameter.

7. Rear end - Stock type, 4 lugs, 8.8 max. May change ration, may lock.

1. Stock type NO ALUMINUM.

2. Racing pedals OK, Bias Adjusters on master cylinder only.

1. Any 8" tread width - racing tire. Hoosier RC 1 or RC 4 American Racers.

2. Wheel - ANY steel 7" may have large studs, Bead lock allowed on right side only.

1. Full face helmets, complete fire suite with gloves, MANDATORY.

2. Roll cage - MANDATORY. Must have minimum of three (3) bars in drivers door.

3. Window net - MANDATORY

4. Fuel cell - MANDATORY (mounted in metal can)

5. Seat belt - 5 point system - MANDATORY

6. Windshield screen - MANDATORY

7. Fire Extinguishers - with gauge, mounted in quick release harness in reach if driver. MANDATORY

8. Scatter shield - MANDATORY

9. Battery - Must be mounted outside driver's compartment or in enclosed bolted own metal box.

10. Fuel lines - must be under the car or in tubing.