1. Weight - 2300 lbs. after race with driver.

2. All dimensions see diagram.

3. Cars running SPEC engine must have SPEC on both sides of hood in 2" high letters.

1. Engine set back 6" maximum, measured #1 spark plug to top center ball joint.

2. Rear of car may be opened.

3. 76" maximum width on body. 1" tolerance.

4. 101 minimum wheel base.

5. 12" rear spoiler, 49" max. high from ground NO TOLERANCE.

6. No part of the body must extend beyond the plane established by the 76" width.

7. Rear bumper may not extend over 1/2 width of rear tire on each side.

8. Front push bars allowed, may not exceed width of front chassis rail.

9. Suspension, OPEN ANY TYPE.

10. Front and rear wrecker pickups are MANDATORY.

11. NO part of the frame may be aluminum or titanium.

1. 365 cubic inch max. NO TOLERANCE.

2. Block - ANY CAST IRON.

3. Crankshaft - ANY

4. Rod - ANY

5. Pistons - FLAT TOP ONLY.

6. Camshaft - ANY

7. Heads - Any cast iron OEM Iron Eagle not to exceed 215 runner.
(Number must be molded in the head)
Ford - # M-6049-N351
Bow Tie - allowed
Dart II Sportsman, Part # 1112, 1122, 1212, 1222, 1115, 1125, 1215, 1225
1 2" (1.500) Blend from the bottom of the valve seat.

8. Valves - ANY

9. Lube Systems - ANY

10. Intake - ANY

11. Exhaust System - ANY

12. Engine protest will be accepted on block, rods, pistons, cubic inch, and heads only.

1. 365 cubic inch maximum, NO TOLERANCE

2. Block - ANY CAST IRON

3. Crank shaft - ANY

4. Rod - ANY

5. Pistons - ANY

6. Cam shaft - ANY

7. Heads - Broadax SUPR spec heads ( with 60cc minimum combustion chambers if running stainless valves;
55cc minimum if running titanium valves).

8. Valve - ANY

9. Lube Systems - ANY

10. Intake - Chevy engines must have a Broadax HVI intake with no modifications except for port matching 3/4" to
FelPro 1206 Ford engines must have a Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake with no modifications except for port matching 3/4"
to FelPro 1262.

11. Exhaust System - ANY

12. Engines protest will be accented on block, rods, pistons, cubic inch intake and heads only.
SUPR "Spec" heads with SUPR cast logos.
Chevy SUPR "Spec" head with SUPR cast logos.
Ford SUPR "Spec" head with SUPR logo on the outside and SPEC Logo on intake and exhaust ports.

1. Intake port opening NO larger the origianl opening and may be port matched. Chevy may use a Felpro 1206
gasket and FORD may use a FelPro 1262.

2. Chevy intake opening may be round or polished 3/4" or NO farther into port than the closest edge of the closest
letter of the SUPR logo.
Ford intake opening may be ground or polished 3./8". Intake port polished will be allowed NO more than 1 1/2" below
the bottom of the original seat ring on the back side of the bowl area, and NO more than 1" on the short side.
Any opening up of head past these point will be illegal.

3. Polishing will be allowed in the combustion chamber area to avoid hot spot chafing.

4. Polishing will be allowed in exhaust ports as long as the original SUPR logo is NOT affected or port shaped is not altered.

5. NO intake or exhaust port relocation, raising, enlargement, or reshaping of any type.

6. Valve angle may be altered up to 1 1/2" degrees from factory specifications by angle milling only. Valve placement may not be altered in any way. Factory specification are 23 degrees Chevy; 20 degrees Ford.

NOTE: Tech man has and will be using, Brodix supplied checking templates and tools on the SUPR head.

DON'T GO past these points or templates and tools will disqualify you.

7. In the rules above, if it doesn't say you can, then DON'T !

NOTE; These head and intake manifold combinations were designed with one thing in mind, to have equal air flow.

If anything is done to increase airflow above original specs by manufacturer, it will be illegal.

SUPR logo must remain, with NO changes, in all locations..

1. Fuel - Gasoline ONLY

2. Carburetor - ANY 4 Barrel.

3. Fuel pump - ANY mechanical, NO ELECTRIC.

4. Fuel cells - MANDATORY

A. No DIGITAL devices are allowed. No Driver or computer controlled spark timing devices are allowed No programmable or memory devices are allowed. Only ANALOG Ignition boxes are permitted.

The following ignition boxes are the only approved units for this track:
A. MSD 6200
B. MSD 6400
C. MSD 6401
D. MSD 6420
E. MSD 6430
F. CRANE 600-6410
G. GM 10037378

B. All boxes must have a 6 pin male shroud Weather pack connector with male pins installed on the ignition box.

The MSD 6401 and 6430 and does not have a connector, then you may install it yourself using Nelson Specialties P/N 38048 KL, MSD P/N 8170. The wires must be installed in the connector in the proper order.

A. 12volt ignition (RED)

B. Tech signal (BROWN or WHITE)

C. Coil (-) (BLACK)

D. Coil (+) (ORANGE)

E. Dist (-) (GREEN or BLACK inside shield)

F. Dist (+) (VIOLET or RED inside shield)

C. If using an MSD box, the WHITE points wire must be cut off within 1" of the box and sealed.

D. If a REV LIMITER is used, it must be built into the ignition box. No external rev limiters will be permitted.

E. Other than the above referenced 6 pin connector, the only other wires permitted to enter or exit the ignition box are the 12 gauge RED and BLACK Power and Ground wires.

F. IGNITION HARNESS - The ignition system must have a separate wiring harness that is independent and not part of any other wiring in the car. The ignition wiring harness recommended but not required for use in competition at this track is produced to our specification by Nelson Specialties, Inc. Mooresville, NC; The part number is 10248 visible. It may be purchased directly from them or from the track parts truck. The harness must be used as manufactured. NO CUTTING OR SPLICING IS PERMITTED!!

G. Ignition Switch - A SPST (single Ole Single Throw) toggle style switch id required to turn the ignition ON or OFF. Only battery power, ignition Activation, and Tach power wires may connect to this switch.

H. No devices of any type are allowed that interfere with the ignition signal.

I. Digital or Analog readout tachomater are permitted. Memory recall is permitted.


K. Crank trigger Systems with a single pickup are allowed.

L. Two way radios must be independent (not connected) of the cars electrical system. Only 1 radio and 1PTT switch will be allowed in each car.

M. Ignition Box Protest - If you feel that the ignition box of the car finishing directly in front of you has a modification or device to aid in traction control, you may file a protest by posting a $600.00 fee. The protested box will be impounded and checked by a test facility. If the box is found to be illegal, the track will keep the box and the protest filer will receive $500.00 of his protest fee. The track will retain $100.00 of the protest fee.

1. Clutch assembly - ANY

2. Flywheel - ANY

3. Transmission - ANY - Must have working reverse.

4. Drive shaft - ANY

5. Rear End - ANY

6. Must have operational 4 wheel braking system. Proportioning valve permitted.

1. May run Hoosier Spec 11, 1300, Spec 55, or 1600 compounds only. Spec 55's can be cut, 11's, CANNOT be cut. Subject to official's discretion, tires will be randomly checked by durometer reading before, during or after the race.

2. Steel or Aluminum wheels only. No carbon fiber or titanium.

1. Full face helmet, complete fire suit with gloves - MANDATORY

2. Roll cage - MANDATORY - Must have minimum of (3) bars in drivers door. No aluminum or titanium cages permitted.

3. Window Net - MANDATORY

4. Seat belts five (5) point system - MANDATORY

5. Fuel cell - MANDATORY

6. Wind shield screen - MANDATORY

7. Fire extinguisher with gauge, mounted in a quick release harness in reach of driver - MANDATORY

8. Battery must be mounted outside of drivers compartment or in enclosed bolted down metal box.

9. Fuel lines must be under car or in tubing.