I-77 Speedway Rule Book

Our goal is to apply all rules firmly and equally. Officials reserve the right to modify/change or alter rules during the season to promote fairness and safety. Any changes will be posted on the bulletin board on the front of the drawing booth building. Any cars not meeting these rules may be allowed to run at tracks discretion with weight being added for penalty. Many calls made by Track Officials are judgment calls; These calls are not subject to review or change after a race event. 

The Promoter can refuse the entry of any car, driver of spectator at any race, any time. Any dispute will be taken up with the Promoter after the race and ONLY in an orderly fashion.

Fighting is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught fighting will be taken care of by the officials and Law Enforcement as needed. Any crew member, driver or anyone else, who uses loud and abusive language toward any TRACK OFFICIAL or ANY individual will be fined, lose all winnings and points for the event. Drivers will be held responsible for all crewmembers and penalties may be applied to the driver if a crewmember is involved. (Penalty at Officials discretion.) No disorderly conduct will be allowed at the payoff window. Any person other than Law Enforcement found with any weapon (CONCEALED OR OTHERWISE) on him/her or in his/her vehicle is subject to fine, loss of weapon and arrest. 

1. Points System 1st place 15 points. 1 point drop per position through 15th place.

2. Any driver caught under the influence of any DRUGS or ALCOHOL will be disqualified from competition. Breath-o-laser test may be randomly administered to drivers. Refusal to take test will result in immediate suspension and any other action deemed appropriate by Officials.

3. There will be no Alcoholic Beverages in the pit area during competition. There will be NO Alcohol Beverages allowed in the protest area.

4. Scale area is off limits to everyone except top (3) cars and (1) crew member from each car.

5. Driver must take green flag in main event to receive money or points.

6. No disorderly conduct at pay-off window. Violators will be subject to penalty at Official’s discretion. This can include forfeiture of winnings!

7. All prize money should be picked up at the payoff window following race meet. If a driver is unable to pick up winnings, it will be held a maximum of one (1) week ONLY. If money is not collected within one (1) week, it will result in forfeiture of winnings. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

8. The speedway reserves the rights to request a number change on e your car to avoid duplication; or if the number cannot be clearly seen. Cars are scored from the grandstand, car numbers must appear on both sides of car at least 24” high. A number at least 36” high must be applied to the roof, reading from the passenger side. Color of numbers should be considered and painted so as to be clearly seen.

9. Any car may be assigned a number by the track steward. All cars from the prior race season will use their old numbers unless they ask for a change.

10. For safety reasons, NO one will be allowed on the track unless asked by an official. Assistance from the Official will be limited to pulling sheet metal from tires. All other repairs must go to pit area.

11. Cars must be self-starting. If you have to be pushed off, you are using your time limit and others.

12. Speed limit in the Pit Area is 5 MPH. Black flag is the penalty.

13. All cars must pass safety inspection by track officials or they will not be allowed to race.

14. Drivers may drive in more than one event per race night. Late Model may drive in Super Stock only; Super Stock may drive in Late Model, Street Stock, or Late Model Stock only; Street Stock may drive in Super Stock, Super Stock 4, or Late Model Stock; Super Stock 4 may drive in Street Stock, or Late Model Stock only.

15. All cars must have wrecker hookups, Front & Rear.

16. Hot laps will be given on (1) time for each division. Late Models may receive two (2) if time permits. If a driver misses his session, he will not be permitted to a make-up session. Under NO circumstance will a car from on division be allowed to practice with another division.

17. If a driver is driving in more than one (1) division, it is his responsibility to make it to the line-up chute when cars roll out, he will go to rear of the field.

1. Any driver jumping the start will be warned once. The second time they will be sent to the rear of the field. The third time a driver jumps the start, they will be black flagged and sent to the pits.

2. Start of race - Once the pace lap gets to the flag the race will be officially started. ANY CAR THAT ENTERS THE PIT AREA WILL GO TO THE REAR OF FIELD. The race will start double file on the front straightaway by the green light at a smooth speed of 25 mph.

3. Double file starts off of Turn 4. Inside man sets the pace. It is the outside man’s responsibility to stay beside him. Flagman starts the race.

4. Restarts - Off turn 4 the race leader will start the race. Passing before you get to the cone or going below cone you will be put in rear!

5. No stopping on the track to avoid getting lapped. This will result in a lost lap.

6. Dirty driving is not allowed. Driver will be black-flagged and dealt with by Track Official.

7. Any car intentionally ramming or hitting another car under caution will be subject to penalty, which may be immediate disqualification.

8. Any car determined to be unsafe of causing three (3) cautions will be black-flagged.

9. Yellow flags will be used in all classes.

10. Any car causing a caution will go to the rear. On starts, in the event of a multi-car accident cars will line-up according to original line-up.

11. Time limits will be used only when necessary.


1. It is the responsibility of each driver to sign in and draw for starting order / qualifying upon arrival at the racetrack.

2. If a driver wants to start in rear, he must still sign in for his division.

3. If a driver elects not to start in the position he draws; he must go to the rear of his line; only the affected line will change.

4. Any driver change after heats or qualifying will result in car starting in rear of feature event.

1. Any car that goes 3 laps down under competition will be black-flagged.

2. Two laps will be given to Late Model, Super Stock and street Stock for flat tire in main event ONLY. Cars must be on lead lap. Driver must signal flagman or track steward while entering pits. One time only per main event.

3. The race will end under the green flag, race back to the checker flag unless the race is red flagged. If the race is red flagged, the race will be over on the last lap counted.

4. In the event two or more cars cross the finish line at the same time, the car next to the infield can be declared the winner.

5. The race will be scored by the lead car. All cars that have been scored in a lap will hold their positions; others will be scored by the last lap completed.

6. After the race is complete, if you get stuck in the mud, you CANNOT BE ASSISTED. In the event you must receive assistance, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. There is a two (2) minute time limit to get your car out of the mud UNASSISTED.

7. The track will reserve the right to weigh any car after the race. (Main or Heat).

8. All cars must finish the last lap under their own power. No help allowed from another car or driver. No person can help make the white flag. Once a car receives help he will not be scored the last lap.

9. If the race has to be started single file after two (2) or more tries at double file start, the cars will be lined up from the original starting line up (1-2-3-4-5-6 etc.) False starts (Jumps) or debris will not count towards 2 tries @ double file start.

10. Pole winner DOES NOT have the choice of front row position.

11. A car can run in only one heat race. You must run in the heat race you draw or start in the rear of the main event.

12. In case the race is cancelled after the halfway point, the race will be officially complete.

13. If a car brings out the caution on the last lap, he will be scored at the rear of the lead lap if he is in the lead lap.

14. Top 3 finishers must go to scale for weighing after heats and mains.

15. Any cars that are 1 lap or more down, must line up behind lead lap cars.

1. NO SAFETY RULES CAN BE PROTESTED. To protest a car, you must finish in the position directly behind the car you are protesting or you must protest all cars in between your car and the car you wish to protest. You cannot protest cars behind you unless you were protested by that car. All protest start at the scale area when the light comes on and you are then given five (5) minutes to protest. All protest must be in writing and you must give to the TECH MAN ONLY! Once the five (5) minutes are complete and the light is out, NO PROTEST MONEY WILL BE ACCEPTED!

2. Only three (3) people allowed in the protest area per car. NO EXCEPTIONS. One (1) person only from each car during the tech inspection. THE TECH MAN’S DECISION IS FINAL!! Drivers of cars that are found illegal are automatically disqualified, forfeit money won in that event and their points for this event. Illegal parts are subject to confiscation by track.

3. Definition of stock: No modifications to factory parts or specifications. The absence of a specific rule does not imply approval, consent, or permission regarding the subject.

4. The car protested must post track fee to accept protest. If car is legal, the fee is returned to car plus protesters fee, less track fee. If protested car is wrong, the money will be kept by the track and protester gets all protest money back. Refusal to post track fee, the protested car is illegal and protester gets all money back. After protest has been filed and money has been put up and then decide to cancel, both parties forfeit track fee. If a ca r has been protested and refuses to tear down and put up the acceptance fees, then he will be disqualified and must start in the rear of main event the following week. The track reserves the right to deny protest at anytime. The race track may reject protest due to weather or lateness of the hour. No protest on anything outside of motor. (Pulleys, brackets, etc.) Or anything not covered in the rules.

5. After protest is made on any engine specification, cars must be ready in one (1) hour for official check. The motor will not be checked but two (2) times and will be ruled on, Legal or Disqualified. You will have (1/2 hour) extra to pull oil pan.

6. Visual Protest: $25.00 will be kept by the track. Visual protest must be made before cars are called to the line up chute before main events. Magnets may be used for aluminum products. Visual is on items that can be seen without removing or opening body panels including hood and deck. Bodies and sheet metal are none protest able and will be policed by track.


8. Protest Fees: (2) items per protest, all classes. Track keeps $100.00
Late Model………………...... $350.00 $150.00 to pull oil pan $100.00 to accept
Super Street ………………... $250.00 $150.00 to pull oil pan $100.00 to accept
$600.00 to pull Crank to weight only $150.00 to accept.
$600.00 to pull Crank to weigh only $150.00 to accept. $150.00 vacuum, Compression and rocker arms on Eng.#2 $50.00 to accept
Stock 4 …………………….. $250.00 $150.00 to pull oil pan $100.00 to accept
Late Model Stock: Choice of $150.00 vacuum, compression and rocker arms protest, Claim on engine, see rules for this division for details. Drivers and crewmembers will conduct themselves in calm and sportsman like manner at all times. The driver will be the spokesman for their car owner in any and all matters. Any driver or crewmember that uses loud or abusive language towards any track official may be fined and/or may lose all points for the night’s event. They may also be suspended from the next racing event's). Penalty will be at Officials discretion.